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A bunch of photo activities

    The year is not old yet, however I am already in the middle of a lot of photo activities and planning for new ones. Let me tell you a bit.

    After the end of januar basic-workshop I am now preparing for the advanced workshop at 11th of february. In this workshop we will focus on creative photographing, starting with reflecting about what it means to be creative for a photographer. Key aspects of creativity are strongly connected to the mindset of a photographer creating photographs.
    How can I use my camera (not photoshop) to create artistic images? We will teach and learn some techniques I am using frequently. There will be ICM (intentional camera movement) and multiple exposores in camera. I hope every single participant will go home with at least one picture to hang on the wall. High ambitious? Yes, but it is possible. There are still some places in this workshop, 11.02. in Volda. Take contact at antje.meier@volda.frisurf.no if you would like to join.

    Coastal impression

    For those who cannot travel to Volda there will be an online workshop with almost similiar content. I am really excited that I am now able to work with photographs from all over Norway and maybe abroad. Digital tools like Zoom which we learned to use in the Corona years, are useful! There will be a lection in evening the 02.03. and one evening lection at 16.03.. In between participants will get some tasks. They will be working with exercises using the techniques they learned the first evening. At the second evening every participant is invited to share some pictures and we will have a constructive talk about the pictures. If you wish to join us for this online course, please contact me (see the adress above).

    In the beginning of march, I will work together with the artist Maria from Argentina again. Have you seen my pictures from our last project, Emotional Weather States? Now the concept will be connected to the melting of snow and climate changes (more details later). For some weeks now I am doing a paper experiment, exposing prints to the weather, rain, snow, melting snow, vind etc. I wish to find out which paper is reacting to which weather conditions. This will be a part of the project. Curious? Me too. Her two examples from the paper experiment.

    I hope I will be able to present the results of this project before april.

    In march I will be one of seven participants for the Pecha Kucha performance at the Norsk Naturfotofestival in Ski (Norway). It is the first time I will do such a presentation of 20 pictures, each for 20 seconds. An exciting concept! To meet many talented photographers at this festival will be amazing. I know many photographers (or mostly their pictures) from social media. but it is not the same as to meet in real. Really looking forward to this event! And maybe we will meet there or at one of my workshops?

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