A New Solar Year

December 21st marks the turning of the sun and now the days will become longer. With it, the light will get stronger for every day.

The variation in sunlight during the year can have a huge impact on my emotions and mood. In addition, it effects the conditions to photograph; the amount of light, the light temperature, colours and contrasts.

During the summer, the sun is high on the sky and the sun´s rays hit the earth at a steep angle. We get saturated colours of the whole spectre and large contrasts. During the winter, the sun is low in the northern hemisphere and the sun´s rays hit the earth at a shallow angle. That results in the light being more spread out and in a magical blue and violet light.

Shooting in low light can be challenging. A wider aperture and high ISO setting can help to get sharp pictures, even in less light. It can be a good winter photography activity to explore these two camera settings. Our workshop in January (27.1.18) will help you master shooting in all conditions and teach you about composition as well. Please have a look at the information here: http://antjefoto.no/begynnerworkshop/

The duration of the sun will increase and in march we can celebrate the vernal equinox, when the duration of sunlight and night time is equal. Because of more light, photographing gets easier and in our workshop in March (17.03.18), we will focus on more creative ways to photograph. See the information here: http://antjefoto.no/kreativ-fotografering/

The light during the summer is very special in Norway, with daylight for almost 24 hours. When being on a trip there is no need to worry about it getting dark. This kind of freedom we can have at our summerworkshop and photowalks at the glacier in Jostedalen, with our own private glacier guide. The bright summerlight will provide us with many different blue colours of the glacier ice and a lot of time to explore the incredible formations made of ice. Join us for this weekend workshop (3.-5.8.18) or just for a one-day photowalk (9. or 10.6.18). See more information for the workshop here: http://antjefoto.no/fotografering-pa-bre/ and for the photowalk here: http://antjefoto.no/fotosafari-pa-bre/

My photoyear is strongly influenced by the sunlight. Each season presents itself with new challenges and unique moments to capture.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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