Workshop – Kreativ fotografering i kamera

Etter en lengre koronapause er tida nå inne for å annonsere en ny workshop. Ulike kreative teknikker som inkluderer bevegelse av kamera og flere eksponeringer i kamera vil bli presentert og øvd på.

Gjeldende smitteverntiltak bli selvfølgelig fulgt opp og om vi er så uheldige at vi må avlyse betales alle pengene tilbake.

Workshopen holdes lørdag, 26.02.2022 fra kl. 11.00 til kl. 18.00.

Mer om workshopen kan du lese her.

Velkommen til en kreativ og lærerik dag i Volda!

New Calendar 2022

Finally, my new calendar for 2022 is finished and you can order it. You can see all the pictures here:

The tiny 14×14 calendar can be used as a calendar of course and later as småll pictures on your wall or as greeting cards. Really sustainable!

The price is 200 NOK, porto (if nececarry) in addition.

To order send a mail til, a message to 0047 45851487 eller contact me at facebook.

Trollstigen visitor centre

The Trollstigen Road is one of the most popular Nationale Tourist Roads in Norway. However, it was built to connect the valley of Valldal with the important trade places in Åndalsnes. The impressive road with 11 hairpin bends is well documented by many photographers. To give one more documentation was not my intention. I am interested in the location and architecture of the visitor centre. It is placed into nature on the upper end of the road, the Trollstigen Plateau. The design and material of the building and installations around support the dramatic scenery of the high mountains. The steel walkways to reach the viewpoints are an experience too. Small manmade waterfalls let me get a feeling of the huge waterfalls I will see. Reflections in the huge glassfassade blend both nature, humans and some old cabins of the suroundings with this new architecture. This place really invited med to stopp for a long while, observe and enjoy. It invited me to feel all the different aspects of nature, outdoorlife, society and myself. Enjoy some impressions with my pictures.

Joy of Travel

Soon  opening? Nobody knows. My wanderlust gets bigger and bigger.

We are allowed to travel inside the country. Crossing the border to other countries is allowed too, but when coming back there is a 10 days “punishment” in a coronahotell waiting at the airport. They don’t want people to travel. The longing for travelling to abroad increases more and more, I guess not just for me.

Recently, when staying at an Norwegian airport, I used my waitingtime to observe everything, objects and people, details I never had noticed before. Many things seem different at an airport: special book shops with international literature, cosmetique shops with different kinds of stuff and exciting smells, and many other shops and restaurants. Don’t forget the acustic in the room and the mixture of sounds (unfortunately not possible to communicate through images).

In addition, observing the travelling people let met think about who they are, where will they go to, will they fly to another place to work, will they visit their parents, children or grand children, join a funeral for a beloved one, or will they explore a new region for their own recreation and inspiration?

Sometimes I am stressed at an airport when time is short to reach the next flight. Other times, however, I have a lot of time. Then it is so interesting to observe , take pictures and think about many things while the every day life seems far away.

Let us hope that your and my wish to travel soon can be satisfied again!

Memorable Experiences – Ice Caves at Spitsbergen

Recently I got the opportunity to visit two ice caves at Spitsbergen/ Norway, the Scott Turner cave and the Longyear Glacier cave. Really, that isn’t an everyday experience! The approach can be done either with skiing, a dog-sled or snow scooter. The outside temperature was about minus 10 degree, but when entering the caves I felt a comfortable temperature of only a few minus degree and no wind. Here it was possible to stay for hours without freezing. The silence was aweful! And the light very special for a photographer. While the Scott Turner cave has some low light at some places, coming from some openings, the Longyear Glacier cave is totally dark. First through the light of my headlight the incredible ice formations appeared. I felt a never ending AWE and WOW as I discovered new amazing structures and shapes with every new step into the cave. I learned from my guide how the different shapes and layers has emerged during many years. Every year the cave lookes totally different as the water in summer is washing out new shapes. This are some of the most exciting facts about ice: it seems to be solid and strong, but at the same time changes quickly and can disappear. A fragile and fading beauty.

To be at this place and feel it with all my senses was a great experience. It is challanging to create photographs that express this powerful experience.

I used my headlight and sometimes an additional light, both with options for different brightness. Sometimes the guide lighted up an ice structure from the backside. To could decide about the lightning, I needed to observe a motive properly. Which part should be light, how much, which part should be darker? Many decisions to make. By using a tripod it was easy to vary the lightconditions, but to let the composition unchanged. Photographing in a cave, whether of stone or ice, is challanging, but really exciting.

I hope my pictures will express a bit of these memorable experiences!

Manual focus

Today I went to a small river where I noticed both the reflections of trees in the water and the structure of water at the surface. When shooting in automatic focus the camera actually did not know where to focus. So I used the manual focus and looked for different expressions while turning the focus just a tiny amount.

The first image shows the focus on the water surface. As I used an aperture of f 5.0 the reflections of the trees are visible, but unclear. In the second image I focused on the reflections of the trees. The moving water creates nice curves. Here the water surface and stone appears unclear. However, this adds some color and texture. In the last image I tried to focus only on the reflection in the middle. The dark shapes give a contrast to the yellow stone and the allover movement. The unclear motive and motion might add a kind of mystic.

Just one thing I am wondering about. Should I turn the third picture 180 degrees?

Looking back

When looking back at this year 2020 I cannot agree with the majority of people. Maybe I was lucky not to become ill, nobody of my family or friends either. Maybe this year was easier to handle for those who don’t love to join crowds, but who love to go out in nature, alone or with a close friend. As I could not travel much it was easier to calm down and explore my closer area more thoroughly.

When Covid 19 started to spread, the main theme in media and almost anywhere else were on the pandemy. That had a huge impact on my thoughts and feelings, and I guess not only on mine.

I have experienced the healthy influence of photography as a kind of tool or therapy for mental health before. Through a new photography group at facebook I invited others to join me in photographing and thinking other thoughts than the fearfully pandemic thoughts.
When starting the group I hoped about thirty people might join. After a short period of time we reached 100 and it grew more and more. Now, in the end of the year we reachedd 324 participants, some as observers, but many are sharing pictures, thoughts and are inspiring each other week after week. The goal with this group is not competition with high quality photos, but to gather old and new people around a weekly theme, to inspire each other with pictures, thoughts and discussions.

If you wish to join the group, search for “Fotoglede – Møtepunkt” at facebook.

Now we are starting a new year with new options, wishes and hopes. Nobody knows what will happen in the world. However, we can change, create and modulate our own lives with our thoughts and opinions.

Hermann Hesse wrote in his poetry “Stufen”: In the core of every beginning lives magic. Magic that protects us and helps us live.

A happy and healthy new year to you!

Fotografers still fotograf sunsets

Despite that the Corona time is still going on, fotografers continue to fotograf. And they fotograf sunsets. The conditions to fotograf are not the same, there are so many restrictions to follow. However, the vaccine is expected soon and will help oss living a normal life and travelling again.

When travelling still was allowed, though with ten days of quarantine afterwards, I visited my family in Germany. On my way back I dropped into the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg to enjoy a lovely sunsut. A lot of people were gathered on the outdoors platform, most with a face mask and many with a camera. It is always fun to fotograf other fotografers shooting. I can imagine their joy of shooting and wonder how their pictures look like. I will never know. But to see and work on my pictures from this evening shooting from the inside of the platform, through different layers of colored glasses, makes me pleased. I will show five pictures here. Hope you enjoy!