Showcasing my pictures in Ålesund

I am happy to have gotten the possibility to showcase some of my pictures at the library in Ålesund. You can have a look at the pictures for two more weeks. Here I only can show small versions. Have a look at the printed versions at the library. Feel free to rate and comment the pictures and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to know about price/shipping options.


Celebrate the Photo Month 2019

The Photo Month was created to remind us of the means of communication with photography.

Photography has given us the opportunity to capture a moment and to keep it forever. Photography has a great meaning in communication, both with generations who lived before us, with people living now and with future generations. To digg in old photos brings back former experiences and feelings, both happiness and sorrow. Making pictures is about giving our ideas, thoughts and feelings a visual expression, about documenting and making meaning.

Let’s celebrate the pictures of our memory!

Anyone has his or her own important pictures that reminds you about an event, a person, a dog or maybe a holiday. A little picture of our beloved dog who died many years ago is still hanging in my sleepingroom and reminds me of a good time we had together. Other pictures give me back some good experiences from my travelling. For example these pictures from my trip to Iceland last autumn.



Let’s celebrate the new pictures as well!

Both, the recent pictures and the ones not taken yet. These pictures are from yesterdays little kayak trip in my area. They do not document where I was kayaking, but I love to play with reflections and colours and they remind me of the fun and good feelings I had when taking them.


Get your camera, make new memories, pictures for your own, for your wall or maybe a photobook or exhibition. And pictures you would like to share. Pictures which will be a memory later. Consider to learn more, to take a course or learn with a book or video.

I would like to share some easy tips with you:

1.   Carry your camera (or mobile camera) with you every day. There are potential photo motives all around us. You never know what you will see. I don’t give you the advice to hold your camera in your hands while driving the car, but be prepared. All of sudden there might appear a fox, a deer or something other of interest. Maybe a special formation of clouds and light will catch your eyes. Those moments are very short and there is no time to search for your camera in your bag and make the settings.

2.     Explore your camera. Use settings you never used before. Doing mistakes will help you to proceed and become a better photographer.

3.     Visit galleries, museums, photo festivals. To look at art (not only photography) and learn about artists life can give a lot of new inspiration. Movies about artists are a great source or inspiration too.

4.     Learn something new every day, month and year. Read about photography, both books and online. Look at videos at internett, attend a workshop, join a photo club. To connect with others and discuss your questions and ideas will give you new ideas and increase your skills.

Have fun and celebrate the month of photography.

When one door closes …

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. (Alexander Graham Bell)

After having broken my left wrist, it took some frustrating time before I saw new options for photographing with my canon 5D. The doctor does not allow me to hold more than a coffe cup with my left hand for six long weeks. My camera is too heavy. So I have to use it with my right hand only. Not easy while used to change the settings all the time. To photograph in full automatic mode is no option for me. Today I used my lightest lens, the 50 mm. I wanted to do some photography with wide aperture using manual focus. But no, it only was pain to move the focus ring. What now?

Ok, no focus then. I did the settings, aperture automatic with f 1.4, ISO 100, distanse 80cm, that’s all. Now I only had to find my motives and make a composition.

Easy and challenging at the same time!

See some of the pictures:

Northern Light in another way

The activity of the Northern Light is quite variable. Sometimes it is dancing bright and fast over the whole sky. However, often it’s activity is rather low and it seems like a  “slow dancer”. In those nights, I am thinking different as a photographer. Instead of a wide angle lens I am using a slight tele lens. I don’t wish to cover the whole sky, but only some parts with interesting Northern Light activity. Living at a place with rather low and seldom Northern Light, I learned to notice it, even if it is hiding back clouds. To explore the night sky with fully attention is a good and satisfying experience!

Enjoy my picture collection and write a comment if you like!


Godt nytt fotoår!

Litt sent, men året er fortsatt ny. Jeg ønsker et godt nytt år med mange gode og spennende opplevelser, både med og uten kamera!
Dagene blir merkbar lenger for hver dag og her på Vestlandet kikker sola endelig fram igjen, etter mange uker med regn og snøfall. Nå er det bare å nyte det nydelige blå vinterlyset.



På denne våren skal jeg bruke min fototid til egen vekst som fotograf, skal selv gå på workshop og mentoring. Jeg ser veldig fram til å lære av veldig dyktige fotografer!
Til høsten gleder jeg meg på nye og «gamle» workshopdeltakere her i Volda eller andre plasser. Ta gjerne kontakt om du (eller en venne- eller kollegagruppe) er interessert slik at vi kan planlegge i god tid. Det er også mulig å avtale en individuell fototur med personlig veiledning. Om fotoklubben din er interessert i et bildeforedrag eller workshop så kommer jeg gjerne til dere.
Jeg ønsker også å komme i kontakt med fotografer som kan tenke seg et samarbeid for en workshop, utstilling eller et annet fotoprosjekt. Kan du tenke deg et spennende samarbeid kontakt meg slik at vi kan diskutere mulighetene.
Til slutt kan jeg komme med et tilbud på kalenderen min. Det er noen eksemplarer igjen og jeg selger den nå for redusert pris på 150 kroner. Ta kontakt om du har lyst på/trenger en liten bordkalender.
Kontakt: eller mobil 45851487



New Calendar “Ro i sjela”

November is the month when I am starting to aim for the new year. At the same time is to make a calendar a good thing to remember some of the good moments of this year. I hope my calendar will enjoy many people, also this year.

The theme of my new little table calendar is “Ro i sjela”, contemplation with photography, for relaxing and enjoying.

You can see all of the pictures here:

The price is 200 NOK. The calendar can be sent. Porto has to be payed.

Order with writing mail to Antje,


The Sunnmøre Crossmodal session

Last week eight artists and researchers from four different countries visited Volda to give lectures and performances.

Crossmodalism is developed from a synthesis of art, experience and entrepeneurship. Nontraditionally linked disciplines as musician, photographer, chef, chemical scientist, dancer, mathematician, are learning and collaborating.

Sensory experiences, interactions between the five senses, are the core idea.

Erik Fooladi

In photography the visual sense is in main focus. However, a photographer senses sound, smell, texture etc. as well.  When viewing a picture, is it possible to have the experience of music, taste, smell etc.? It might depend on the individual experience of each viewer.

Some relations and questions that the artists/researchers posed:

·        Does music influence the taste of wine?

·        Are lemons fast or slow?

·        What is the relation between colour and taste?

·        How to use sounds, light and smell in restaurants?

·        How to build multisensory experiences?

·        Is sensory perception individually or common for all or a certain culture?

Examples from their art and research:

One team asked women who were born in 1940 in Sweden about their childhood food memories. Then they designed a multisensory dining event, using dishes, decorations, sound and smells from this time. These women came, together with their family and had a very interesting time of memory.

Anu Hopia

Another team presented a project from kindergarten. Storytelling was combined with sounds and smell. The children were excited and engaged.

Poetry, dance, smell, music and film were combined in expressive performances.

You can find some more pictures from this event here (click the link)

This kind of art performance is a really kick for the senses and boosts the creativity.

How will it be possible to let photography interact with sound, smell, taste and tactile sensory experiences?

Please write your comment in the field below. Thank you!




Ny! Lavterskel portrett fotokurs

Nå er neste mini workshop klar! Etter å ha jobbet en del med portrettfotografering selv vil jeg gjerne formidle enkle tipps.
Ønsker du å ta bedre bilder av familie og venner, spontant og uten å måtte ta med mye fotoutstyr, så er dette kurset noe for deg.
Dette er et lavterskel portrett fotokurs over 4 timer som handler om å finne og bruke det eksisterende LYSET, naturlig lys eller kunstig lys, som portrettlys.
Ingen forkunnskaper eller et spesielt kamera trengs. Men om du har et kamera med innstillinger for blendervalg er det godt å bruke.
Dato: Lørdag, 22.09.18
Tid: kl. 10 – 14
Sted: Volda, Høyskolen (møtested blir avtalt)
Pris: 400 kroner.

For mer info: Kontakt Antje på mobil: 45851487 eller mail:

Kurset inkluderer:
– en kort teoretisk innføring (med visning av bilder) om å finne og forstå lyset som er godt egnet til portrettfotografering. Noen tips til kamerainnstillinger vil det også bli gitt.
– praktisk fotografering der vi går på jakt etter det gode lyset. Vi har med oss en model som vi plasserer gunstig i forhold til lys og omgivelsene. Det er også mulig å bruke hverandre som model. Det vil bli gitt personlig veiledning.
– en grundig oppsummering der vi går gjennom bildene.


Påmelding til
For mer info: Kontakt Antje på mobil: 45851487 eller mail:

Creative friday

Today my photo motive was a rest of red currant juice I made yesterday. A nice pattern caught my eyes. And after some test shoots I got really excited, got my tripod and made a nice arrangement.
See some of the results here:

Have an exciting photo weekend!

Holly at the Glacier

This weekend we did a photo shooting at the Nigardsbreen Glacier with Holly, the UK based model Ivory Flame. A lot of preparations and travelling were needed. Finally we got started. The weather could not be prepared and the forecast told us about wind with 20 m/sec and only four degrees Celsius. Luckily, the forecast was not totally right. We got a lot of wind, and clouds and sun alternatet all the time. However, it was possible to do the photo shooting and we had a lot of fun. The wind helped to make her hair and dress blow what looked really nice at the pictures. As our model could not pose with a dress or without clothes for more than a few minutes, we had to do the photographing quickly. A really challenge for me, as this was the first time I photographed with a model in nature. A quite new experience for me, but hopefully just a start.

We spent the whole day at the glacier and had a great time, photographers Håkon Grønning, Sheila Alnes and me, our glacier guide and assistent Ola Einang and Holly, the model.