Celebrate the Photo Month 2019

The Photo Month was created to remind us of the means of communication with photography.

Photography has given us the opportunity to capture a moment and to keep it forever. Photography has a great meaning in communication, both with generations who lived before us, with people living now and with future generations. To digg in old photos brings back former experiences and feelings, both happiness and sorrow. Making pictures is about giving our ideas, thoughts and feelings a visual expression, about documenting and making meaning.

Let’s celebrate the pictures of our memory!

Anyone has his or her own important pictures that reminds you about an event, a person, a dog or maybe a holiday. A little picture of our beloved dog who died many years ago is still hanging in my sleepingroom and reminds me of a good time we had together. Other pictures give me back some good experiences from my travelling. For example these pictures from my trip to Iceland last autumn.



Let’s celebrate the new pictures as well!

Both, the recent pictures and the ones not taken yet. These pictures are from yesterdays little kayak trip in my area. They do not document where I was kayaking, but I love to play with reflections and colours and they remind me of the fun and good feelings I had when taking them.


Get your camera, make new memories, pictures for your own, for your wall or maybe a photobook or exhibition. And pictures you would like to share. Pictures which will be a memory later. Consider to learn more, to take a course or learn with a book or video.

I would like to share some easy tips with you:

1.   Carry your camera (or mobile camera) with you every day. There are potential photo motives all around us. You never know what you will see. I don’t give you the advice to hold your camera in your hands while driving the car, but be prepared. All of sudden there might appear a fox, a deer or something other of interest. Maybe a special formation of clouds and light will catch your eyes. Those moments are very short and there is no time to search for your camera in your bag and make the settings.

2.     Explore your camera. Use settings you never used before. Doing mistakes will help you to proceed and become a better photographer.

3.     Visit galleries, museums, photo festivals. To look at art (not only photography) and learn about artists life can give a lot of new inspiration. Movies about artists are a great source or inspiration too.

4.     Learn something new every day, month and year. Read about photography, both books and online. Look at videos at internett, attend a workshop, join a photo club. To connect with others and discuss your questions and ideas will give you new ideas and increase your skills.

Have fun and celebrate the month of photography.

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