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Details in Landscape Photography

    In Landscape Photography it is common to use wide angle lenses, take the wider perspective to cover the whole scene. When I study my pictures I can feel “great, but something interesting is missing”. What is missing? I think, when looking at a landscape, my eyes focus on details, some elements that my eyes caught. The camera pointed at a great scene cannot focus on these details if we don’t help to do so.

    On my weekend daytrip to a mountain close by I tried to help my camera to “see” some details that my eyes catched. All of sudden, I saw a nice composition and a little detail that could be included in the composition.

    When first starting to focus on such details, more and more interesting motives and views appeared. Some more examples here.

    When strolling around in nature, for me the secret of seeing details is about observing with all my senses. This is not only a good photography experience, but a kind of mindful way of being on a photography tour, and being myself.

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