At my holidays in Crete and Santorini I had some experiences which I will name “divine”, very special and great moments. In this blogpost I will make a small collection of these moments.

At Santorini we met an iconic view, seen and photographed of many tourists, every single day during the year. Nevertheless, the blue light after sunset was amazing. When we met a musician who was playing his saxophone, just for me at my birthday, it was one of the moments in life I will never forget.

The underwater world around Crete has many caves and tunnels. At one of my dives we were swimming through a formation called “Cathedral”. When we dived out again I understood why. It was like swimming into a really Cathedral, a sacred feeling.

The following picture gave me some associations of a churchwindow. Actually it is a broken window of a car. Sometimes, when seeing something, its good to forget the (ugly) surroundings and only fokus at a (beautiful) detail.

The last picture documents a moment when a monk was ringing the bells, before the ceremony was starting in the monastery.



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