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has taken photographs since her childhood in Northern Germany in the 1970s. Besides photography, she enjoyed painting with water colours and was inspired by the impressionists and the expressionists from  the 19th and 20th century. Photography has become a real passion in the later years.

In 2000 she settled down in Western Norway and combined photography with a lot of outdoor activities. Nature Photography is now the main subject in Antjes’ work. The stunning landscapes with fjords, mountains and the sea, together with the quickly changing weather and light conditions, is like a canvas on which Antje creates her compositions by catching the light, shadows, shapes, textures and colours.

Like with water colours, her pictures often express a soft mood and convey a feeling rather than a special motive. Antje uses a lot of creative techniques with her camera and only a little post processing using the Lightroom program.

Besides being self-taught, she joined several workshops and worked together with naturephotographer Terje Hellsø as her mentor. A workshop with Bruce Barnbaum and New York based editor and curator Julie Grahame  gave a lot of inspiration too.

Antje has participated in several exhibitions, national in Norway and international, and had a solo exhibition in 2014.

She arranges basic photo workshops, northern light workshops, creative photography workshops and glacier workshops. (Have a look at the workshop page)

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