Holly at the Glacier

This weekend we did a photo shooting at the Nigardsbreen Glacier with Holly, the UK based model Ivory Flame. A lot of preparations and travelling were needed. Finally we got started. The weather could not be prepared and the forecast told us about wind with 20 m/sec and only four degrees Celsius. Luckily, the forecast was not totally right. We got a lot of wind, and clouds and sun alternatet all the time. However, it was possible to do the photo shooting and we had a lot of fun. The wind helped to make her hair and dress blow what looked really nice at the pictures. As our model could not pose with a dress or without clothes for more than a few minutes, we had to do the photographing quickly. A really challenge for me, as this was the first time I photographed with a model in nature. A quite new experience for me, but hopefully just a start.

We spent the whole day at the glacier and had a great time, photographers Håkon Grønning, Sheila Alnes and me, our glacier guide and assistent Ola Einang and Holly, the model.

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