Impressions from the world of Escher

Recently I visited the Eschermuseum in Den Haag/Netherland. Escher is known for his optical art that lefts you with the illusion of something impossible, wrong perspective and mystery.

As I entered a floor, connecting two rooms, something strange happened. It seemed that the floor, made of tiles, where opening and mystical figures, a stair and smoke appeared, in steady movement. When I left the floor the floor changed back to a pattern of tiles. My footsteps influenced the movements under my feet, very fascinating and an exciting feeling to be a part of this artwork. The view of the mystical movements “under” the floor let me stop for a long while trying to catch this experience with my camera which was really difficult. My pictures can only give you a poor impression of my experience. I highly can recommend a visit at the Escher Museum in Den Haag!



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