Looking back

When looking back at this year 2020 I cannot agree with the majority of people. Maybe I was lucky not to become ill, nobody of my family or friends either. Maybe this year was easier to handle for those who don’t love to join crowds, but who love to go out in nature, alone or with a close friend. As I could not travel much it was easier to calm down and explore my closer area more thoroughly.

When Covid 19 started to spread, the main theme in media and almost anywhere else were on the pandemy. That had a huge impact on my thoughts and feelings, and I guess not only on mine.

I have experienced the healthy influence of photography as a kind of tool or therapy for mental health before. Through a new photography group at facebook I invited others to join me in photographing and thinking other thoughts than the fearfully pandemic thoughts.
When starting the group I hoped about thirty people might join. After a short period of time we reached 100 and it grew more and more. Now, in the end of the year we reachedd 324 participants, some as observers, but many are sharing pictures, thoughts and are inspiring each other week after week. The goal with this group is not competition with high quality photos, but to gather old and new people around a weekly theme, to inspire each other with pictures, thoughts and discussions.

If you wish to join the group, search for “Fotoglede – Møtepunkt” at facebook.

Now we are starting a new year with new options, wishes and hopes. Nobody knows what will happen in the world. However, we can change, create and modulate our own lives with our thoughts and opinions.

Hermann Hesse wrote in his poetry “Stufen”: In the core of every beginning lives magic. Magic that protects us and helps us live.

A happy and healthy new year to you!

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