Manual focus

Today I went to a small river where I noticed both the reflections of trees in the water and the structure of water at the surface. When shooting in automatic focus the camera actually did not know where to focus. So I used the manual focus and looked for different expressions while turning the focus just a tiny amount.

The first image shows the focus on the water surface. As I used an aperture of f 5.0 the reflections of the trees are visible, but unclear. In the second image I focused on the reflections of the trees. The moving water creates nice curves. Here the water surface and stone appears unclear. However, this adds some color and texture. In the last image I tried to focus only on the reflection in the middle. The dark shapes give a contrast to the yellow stone and the allover movement. The unclear motive and motion might add a kind of mystic.

Just one thing I am wondering about. Should I turn the third picture 180 degrees?

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