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New creative filter

    Rainy weather, dark December evening, only some streetlights and me out for a walk in raincoat and wearing my glasses. If you do wear glasses as well you know that this is not very nice in rainy weather. As soon as the raindrops fill the glasses I cannot see very well. Contact lenses can be the right choice.

    But today I was really excited when I found that I could use my glasses as a creative filter in front of my waterproof camera.

    Here are some examples:

    When I compared the picture at my camera-screen with the picture I see when looking through my glasses it was quite different. My eye’s picture was even more fascinating than the one in the camera. Many filigree pattern and figures, changing all the time. Unfortunately, I cannot share this picture, but I can recommend to try it by your own. Lucky the ones who have to wear glasses! If you don’t wear glasses, maybe you can borough some.

    If you would like to learn more about creative photography you are welcome to join my workshop in January, 28 th. See more information here: http://nickolassj18.sg-host.com/kreativ-fotografering/


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