Northern Light in another way

The activity of the Northern Light is quite variable. Sometimes it is dancing bright and fast over the whole sky. However, often it’s activity is rather low and it seems like a  “slow dancer”. In those nights, I am thinking different as a photographer. Instead of a wide angle lens I am using a slight tele lens. I don’t wish to cover the whole sky, but only some parts with interesting Northern Light activity. Living at a place with rather low and seldom Northern Light, I learned to notice it, even if it is hiding back clouds. To explore the night sky with fully attention is a good and satisfying experience!

Enjoy my picture collection and write a comment if you like!


2 Responses to “Northern Light in another way”

  1. Geir Hanken

    Rett og slett nydelig fargespill i blågrønne nyanser! Kanskje må vi endre ordtaket til: Bak skyene er himmelen alltid grønn?


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