The Marble Castle

Lately I experiences the very special natural marble formation in the Rana region. This region is rich of limestone and marble. When standing close to the strong river I could imagine how the water gradually could wash out the softer limestone and shaped the hard marble. A lot of amazing forms and potholes are «created» by water.

On this day we had lovely sunny weather. Actually, not so lovely for a photographer who didn’t wish to focus on light and shadow only this day. Maybe I need to go back on a cloudy day.

Enjoy my pictures and be welcome to give a feedback if you like.

Beside the strange sculptural forms there are also lot of caves in this region. In my next post I will show some pictures from the Grønligrotte.






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  1. Carolyn Collins Avatar
    Carolyn Collins

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I’m so envious. Thank you for sharing. Carolyn

    1. antje Avatar

      Thank you for your great comment, Carolyn! It is such an exciting location!

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