The Sunnmøre Crossmodal session

Last week eight artists and researchers from four different countries visited Volda to give lectures and performances.

Crossmodalism is developed from a synthesis of art, experience and entrepeneurship. Nontraditionally linked disciplines as musician, photographer, chef, chemical scientist, dancer, mathematician, are learning and collaborating.

Sensory experiences, interactions between the five senses, are the core idea.

Erik Fooladi

In photography the visual sense is in main focus. However, a photographer senses sound, smell, texture etc. as well.  When viewing a picture, is it possible to have the experience of music, taste, smell etc.? It might depend on the individual experience of each viewer.

Some relations and questions that the artists/researchers posed:

·        Does music influence the taste of wine?

·        Are lemons fast or slow?

·        What is the relation between colour and taste?

·        How to use sounds, light and smell in restaurants?

·        How to build multisensory experiences?

·        Is sensory perception individually or common for all or a certain culture?

Examples from their art and research:

One team asked women who were born in 1940 in Sweden about their childhood food memories. Then they designed a multisensory dining event, using dishes, decorations, sound and smells from this time. These women came, together with their family and had a very interesting time of memory.

Anu Hopia

Another team presented a project from kindergarten. Storytelling was combined with sounds and smell. The children were excited and engaged.

Poetry, dance, smell, music and film were combined in expressive performances.

You can find some more pictures from this event here (click the link)

This kind of art performance is a really kick for the senses and boosts the creativity.

How will it be possible to let photography interact with sound, smell, taste and tactile sensory experiences?

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