Trollstigen visitor centre

The Trollstigen Road is one of the most popular Nationale Tourist Roads in Norway. However, it was built to connect the valley of Valldal with the important trade places in Åndalsnes. The impressive road with 11 hairpin bends is well documented by many photographers. To give one more documentation was not my intention. I am interested in the location and architecture of the visitor centre. It is placed into nature on the upper end of the road, the Trollstigen Plateau. The design and material of the building and installations around support the dramatic scenery of the high mountains. The steel walkways to reach the viewpoints are an experience too. Small manmade waterfalls let me get a feeling of the huge waterfalls I will see. Reflections in the huge glassfassade blend both nature, humans and some old cabins of the suroundings with this new architecture. This place really invited med to stopp for a long while, observe and enjoy. It invited me to feel all the different aspects of nature, outdoorlife, society and myself. Enjoy some impressions with my pictures.

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