Photographing inside the Tesse – gorge

Gorges are emerged from rivers and you can find them at many places in Norway. To wander inside a gorge gives new views at any season. One day I am seeing the structure of the rocks, another time I am attracted of the running water or the light. This time it was the starting of the winterseason with growing icicles, in combination with the running water. In the Tesse-gorge, located in Vågå-community, we already saw a lot of iceformations . Now the ice was not stable enough to go at, but we could hike a part of the gorge. There were numerous of amazing objects to see, to admire and take pictures of. To use my tripod was really needed in some situations. This time I did some wideangle photographs with my 14 mm lens.  However, I am mostly attracted of close up ice-motives with different structure, shapes and transparences. Here I am showing some examples.

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