Act-Photography Workshop

Last weekend I participated in a workshop in Act Photography with Reidulv Lyngstad. This is one of the most challenging areas of photography. Why is it so difficult to take good pictures of a naked human being? A good eye for light settings in the studio is essential. Small changes in the light source or movements by the model will give a totally different expression. The communication between photographer and model is crucial in getting a great result. My aim was to shoot pictures with an esthetical and artistic expression, pictures that show the lines, forms and symmetry of the body. With excellent guidance from our teacher I got some very special pictures. I would like to share some of them here:



Act Photography aptly shows the symmetry of the human body. In this example I decided to focus on a detail of the body. The light setting is creating a nice shadow between the shoulder blades on the model’s back.

50mm, 1/40 sec, f 4,0 ISO800

Without flash



Shooting pictures with no flash accentuates only part of the body, whilst leaving the rest in the dark. This adds a touch of mystery to the expression. The composition gives the observer the illusion that the model is moving to the right, and the empty space on the right hand side adds both drama and balance.67mm, 1/20 sec, f 4,0, ISO 320Without flash

The human body provides the photographer with ample opportunities for composing with lines and shapes. In this photography of a pregnant woman the observer’s eyes follow a line from the tattoo to the hand, through the arm and finally to the breast. This combines the totally different geometrical forms of the triangle and the circle.

60mm, 1/100 sec, f22, ISO100

With flash

By using light painting in Act Photography you get a very soft impression of the body. Our teacher lightens up each part of the body with a special torch.In this photo I combined this method with another light painting method. One of the workshop participants is standing in the middle of the ball whilst spinning a red light and turning around his own axis in the space of 30 seconds.I used a tripod and 30 seconds exposure to catch all the light and movements in one single picture.

24mm, 30 sec, f 11, ISO 100

Tripod, without flash












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