To be there

To take a picture might be connected to travelling, shorter or longer. To see new places or to visit old environements. Keep on to experiences with family, friends or other events. I like to visit new places to find new motives. This is inspiring for me!

But what about taking picture of the same motive again and again. Have you ever tried that!

My experience is that it might be valuable and inspiring to shoot the same motive again and again at different times of the day and different times of the year. It’s just to be on the same location in different light, weather and colours. Just to be on one spot and realize the differences in light and colours to different times …. you have to try this!

When I am looking out of my window towards east, I see the little mountain “Hestehornet”.

The sun is rising behind this mountain. In the evening I can observe a fantastical pink  colour from the sunset in the west. clouds are often surrounding the Hestehornet. And when the moon comes up it’s often a very spectacular motiv.

For me the small and modest Hestehornet can be a source for creative photographical experiments.

Some examples:



May be you have been inspired to find your own motive to explore at different times of the day and year.

Good Luck!

If you would like to give me a feedback and tell about your own experiences, I would be appreciated to hear from you.





Wedding Photography

I july I should take the official pictures at the wedding of my daughter and her betrothed. This special day is only once and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. Therefore we made detailed plans.

In this bloggspot I wish to share some thoughts and tips which have been important under the preparation and while doing the wedding photography.

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Summer Collection from my trip to Norderney in Germany

I have been on a holiday trip to Norderney, an isle at the North Sea coast in Germany.

Here is a little collection to inspire you for your own summer shoots.


Årets sommerferietur gikk til Norderney, one of seven øyer ved Norsjøen in Germany.

La deg inspirere til egne sommerbilde med mitt lille utvalg.


Act-Photography Workshop

Last weekend I participated in a workshop in Act Photography with Reidulv Lyngstad. This is one of the most challenging areas of photography. Why is it so difficult to take good pictures of a naked human being? A good eye for light settings in the studio is essential. Small changes in the light source or movements by the model will give a totally different expression. The communication between photographer and model is crucial in getting a great result. My aim was to shoot pictures with an esthetical and artistic expression, pictures that show the lines, forms and symmetry of the body. With excellent guidance from our teacher I got some very special pictures. I would like to share some of them here:

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Bokeh English

Before stowing away the decorations from this last Christmas I would like to share with you a photo technique called bokeh. Small sources of light in the back- or foreground transform into round or polygonal areas of light. This can create a special mood which suits the season well. Read more

Winter-Blur English

In my   blog I wish to involve you in my thoughts and the process I go through with my   photographs.


Together   with my daughter I enjoyed the first ski tour this winter season. The low   afternoon sunlight threw a golden light at the mountains – a magical moment.   When you wish to tell a story with a photograph a leading object is needed,   for example a person or an element in the landscape.

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