Free flowing

Recently I went to Amsterdam to see the World Press Photo exhibition in De Nieuwe Kerk. The pictures were expressive and I was deeply moved. Since most of the pictures and videos addressed huge problems in our society and the world, I had a feeling of sadness and helplessness when I left the exhibition. I wandered through the streets of Amsterdam, in deep thoughts.

When walking along a narrow street without many tourists a young man’s movements to music catched my eyes. He was hula-hopping on his own. He seemed to be balanced, both his body and soul. Tyler, who had moved from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), to Amsterdam in January, told me that hula-hooping is a kind of meditation for him, a free-flowing form of self-expression. It makes him happy and I sensed this happiness was flowing over to me as well.


Taking the time to watch him and to photograph his artwork made me realize that not everything in this world is bad. There is a lot to be happy and thankful about.

Videos of Tyler’s hula hooping at instagram @sillyspence.

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