Joy of Travel

Soon  opening? Nobody knows. My wanderlust gets bigger and bigger.

We are allowed to travel inside the country. Crossing the border to other countries is allowed too, but when coming back there is a 10 days “punishment” in a coronahotell waiting at the airport. They don’t want people to travel. The longing for travelling to abroad increases more and more, I guess not just for me.

Recently, when staying at an Norwegian airport, I used my waitingtime to observe everything, objects and people, details I never had noticed before. Many things seem different at an airport: special book shops with international literature, cosmetique shops with different kinds of stuff and exciting smells, and many other shops and restaurants. Don’t forget the acustic in the room and the mixture of sounds (unfortunately not possible to communicate through images).

In addition, observing the travelling people let met think about who they are, where will they go to, will they fly to another place to work, will they visit their parents, children or grand children, join a funeral for a beloved one, or will they explore a new region for their own recreation and inspiration?

Sometimes I am stressed at an airport when time is short to reach the next flight. Other times, however, I have a lot of time. Then it is so interesting to observe , take pictures and think about many things while the every day life seems far away.

Let us hope that your and my wish to travel soon can be satisfied again!

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