Mentoring with Nature Photograph Terje Hellesø

The best way to increase my photography skills is to join another photograph, for a workshop, a course or a private mentoring. Recently I spent two days together with naturephotographer Terje Hellesø in Mullsö/Sweden. His mentoring really helped me to increase my skills in learning to see and photograph in a deeper, more complex way. It was not meant to increase my technical skills, but rather to learn more about to express my own thoughts through my pictures.

Three pictures I will show here are from photographing in a really chaotical wildwood. Terje uses the term of phase space (fasrum) to explain how he is working to see relations, perspectives and spaces in this environment. When standing in this forest I needed time, time to just be in this environment with all my senses, time to see. After a while a picture appeared in my mind and then I could start to compose the photograph. The technique of multi exposure, camera movement and different filters can help to create the picture I have in my mind.

Click on the pictures for bigger images.

Flowing and splashing water is another subject we were working with. Sunlight can be really a challenge, as it always comes with strong shaddows. However, shadows can be included as a component of the composition, as a symbol or metaphor. All three pictures here are from Ryfoss at different times of the day.

When seeing in this way the way to abstract photographs is short. All of sudden the composition with light, shadows and forms tells something, without revealing the photograhed object.

Have you ever tried to make a selfie without yourself in the picture, Terje asked me? I have to admit that I have not really thought about that before. What does that mean? I have to ruminate a bit and then I will try. Have you done that? If not, why not give it a try? It would be exciting to hear from your experiences. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment field, or write an e-mail. Especially in these times we need to interact with others, to share, to uplift each other and to continue learning new things.

If you are able to get out, go and take a walk with your camera. Take care and be safe!

2 Responses to “Mentoring with Nature Photograph Terje Hellesø”

  1. Britt

    Så spennende! Og fasinerende.. sikkert morsomt å jobbe med. Man utfordrer seg sjøl på en helt annen måte med et bilde når man går inn i det på denne måten. Ser jo at noen av disse bildene hadde vært flotte å se på vegg og med en avstand. Eller mulighet for å veksle avstand og vinkler.

    • antje

      Tusen takk for fin kommentar, Britt! Ja, her er mye spennende å lære og å jobbe med.


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