Some personal US thoughts

Today at the American election day my thoughts are wandering towards my experiences and relations connected to the US. When I am entering my house this huge photograph of a winterstrom at the St. Catalina Island close to Los Angeles meets my eyes. It tells about amazing nature power at this nearly paradisian island. Storms, in different senses, are blowing around in these days too. However, my good memories are connected, both to the many strong impressions from a varied nature and my personal meetings with American photographers.

I met Bruce Barnbaum (click on) on a workshop at his home close to Seattle and got a deeper understanding of his fineart photography and thoughts about photography and life. I will never forget his wonderful history about entering the Antelope Canyon as maybe the first photographer (and physician) at all. My entering into this amazing canyon many years later was surrounded by too many people and not likewise spectacular. There were and are other very important and good photographers in the US. Just think of the great Anselm Adams, Brett and Edward Weston, Sally Man, Vivian Maier, Minor White etc.

Recently I got known to Connie Imboden (click on) through an online workshop about illusion in photography. She creates all her images in the camera and I can learn a lot from her. Thanks to the technical opportunities there can be meetings from my and other homes in Norway to others in the US and all other countries of the world. That is really great!

Nevertheless all our opportunities to connect to the world, I am looking forward to explore more of this exciting country in reality. Hopefully both the worlds health and political situation will allow me to do.

The images below are taken in the Antelope Canyon, handhold (a tripod was not allowed).

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