«Ugly» motives – at the first glance

Photography: Ola Einang

Some days ago I was kayaking and enjoyed the smooth and warm evening light, birds singing and pure nature around me. When I came into a little bay I noticed an ugly, old and rusty vehicle. My first thought was: This ugly vehicle will ruin my good feeling of being in nature, with pretty nice motives everywhere.

However, soon I began to see all the red and orange colors in the rusty surface, together with the green algae. With help of the evening light the complementary colors red and green became strong. I saw all the different kinds of forms in the rust and reflections in the water. Oh, so many details to observe!

Here you see a little selection of my pictures:


I was not able to cope with this motive on that evening. Soon I have to turn back and continue to discover new details.


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