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I july I should take the official pictures at the wedding of my daughter and her betrothed. This special day is only once and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. Therefore we made detailed plans.

In this bloggspot I wish to share some thoughts and tips which have been important under the preparation and while doing the wedding photography.

PreparationsWhile preparing the photo shooting there were many questions arising: Where do we want to take the pictures? The bridal couple loves the mountains and the seaside landscape. There are so many options to take pictures in our surroundings. Difficult to choose! We had to get answers for many questions. How much time do we have to take the pictures, how much time does it take to drive to the location, how much time can we use at each location?What if it rains and storms at the wedding day? We have to find an alternative location.Some weeks before the great day vi took the car and visited several places to explore the locations and take some pictures. It is important to study the lighting, the background and, in our case, the tide. It would have been silly to visit a sand beach under the preparation shooting and come to this place at the wedding day and find that it was water everywhere.At least we found three locations with a short distance between.In addition we had an alternative location in case of bad weather. It was a concert hall with a grand piano (both, the bride and groom are playing the piano).Here are some pictures from the preparation shooting. We had a lot of fun and we were looking forward to the special day.20140427-0525 20140427-0336 20140427-0052
WeddingdayAt the weddingday the weather was really perfect to take pictures. A bit cloudy, no wind and nice temperature. When we came to the beach the sun came through and we needed the reflector to avoid strong shadows at the faces.Have at least one assistant to help you under the photo shooting. There is a lot to do! It isn’t easy to move in nature with the wedding dress. The bride needs help. When we visited the location some weeks before it was easy to climb the big stone at the beach. Now we need a ladder and a sheet to protect the dress. It would not be funny to go with the wedding dress, dirty of seagull skit. Shoes! Everything is easy with jogging shoes. Why not climb the stone with jogging shoes and change to wedding shoes up there. Nobody will know when seeing the final pictures. 20140726-0210 - Kopi 20140726-020320140726-0193-2 

The wedding day was a Saturday with nice weather. Many people visited the beach this day. This case we didn’t have in mind. It was not possible to take the pictures where the groom is spinning around the bride. What a pity! Fortunately we had many alternative ideas. Be flexible! There will be many things you have not thought about.

20140726-0332 - Kopi 20140726-0342 20140726-0357

Everyone is nervous at this important day. It is not easy to take pictures where they have relaxed faces. Try to create a good and relaxed atmosphere. That will help a lot!Keep also in mind to take pictures of informal situations between the official pictures. These pics will be nice memories too.

Feel free to comment and write about your own experiences!Have a look at more pictures at my gallery.








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